Appraisals / Valuations

All reporting requirements of USPAP for apartments, houses, shopping centers, office warehouses, office buildings, industrial properties, improved and unimproved land, subdivisions, mobile home parks and special purpose properties.
  • Narrative format with automated technology that assures internal consistency for commercial.
  • Residential reporting on URAR (Uniform Residential Appraisal Report) forms.
  • Special project reporting standards for eminent.
  • Domain, right-of-way acquisition and condemnation.

Evaluations & Counseling

Consultation in solving client-specific problems, with development feasibility model as fundamental in all property analyses.
  • Economic feasibility, viability appraisals, and highest and best use analyses.
  • Investment counseling via "justified investment price" analyses.
  • Ad valorem tax analyses and consultation.

Litigation & Expert Witness

Not withstanding the emotional characteristics of litigation, efforts are made to be well prepared, factually accurate, coherent, sincere, and, yet interesting.
  • As expert appraisal witnesses, we will advocate the truth and our strength in research sophistication.
  • To the client count on our competence in performing the study, well-reasoned conclusions and judgements.
  • To the court: we will tell the truth, convey the facts, and explain the conclusions, judgments and opinions.

Spatial Land Use Projects

We are fundamentally a research consultancy with proven capabilities in all aspects of physical land utilization and/or its revenue-generating capacity. Current research and interests encompass:
  • Urban suburban sprawl, economic impact studies, military base closures, spatial land use planning and developments of resorts, golf courses and hotels.
  • Mass appraisals for taxation, valuation of hotel/motel, hospitals, industrial plant and machinery, oil and gas leases, mineral rights and ski resorts.

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